Why to Select acrylic charms, acrylic keychains Customized from Vograce-

The or acrylic keychains are extensively used over the world because the acrylic material is cost-effective, largely adaptable, can be shaped freely, with fairly fast product period and comprehensive craft style. Vograce inventories colorful acrylic products similar as keychains, charms, standees and colophons that can be custom- made.

What’s acrylic?

Acrylic is a kind of chemical material and is generally a kind of plastic. Our products are made of acrylic wastes of any size and shape, cut and clicked. The advantage of acrylic material is that the style can be customized freely, and it’s largely adaptable and will be veritably exquisite through processing. The material colors are white, transparent, and can be made into various series.

Tempera material is a generally used material for our company’s crucial import products. It presently accounts for over 60 of all Vograce products.

Application of acrylic product series substantially customize anime tempera charms, keychains, standees, and will also be used as advertising promotional gifts, anime accessories, collections, decorations,etc.

 What are the advantages of acrylic products over essence products?

Products Similar as charms, keychains made of tempera can be customized freely, durable, eco-friendly, odorless, various and light in weight compared with essence bones. The acrylic products are enough that can be published with bright colors and cut into any shape.

 What acrylic product does Vograce force?

Vograce inventories acrylic charms, keychains, shakers, delicacy charms, timepieces, fridge attractions, action figure boxes, phone holders, colophons, button legs, cards, and standees. If you want to order and cannot find the product runner onVograce.com, please make an inquiry through dispatch or Facebook or Twitter.

Vograce inventories clear acrylic products. You can find our products onVograce.com. Piecemeal from the clear tempera keychains, there are delicacy keychains, shaker keychains, holographic acrylic keychains, shimmer acrylic keychains, library paste keychains, rainbow tempera keychains, various tempera charms, essence frame keychains, etc.

What are the differences between ordinary tempera and clear acrylic products?

Ordinary acrylic products

  • It’s published on paper and pasted inside the acrylic distance.
  • The edges are white because of the white paper; or it can be published with color.
  • The paper won’t be put at the first sub caste (or face).
  • The face is made of tempera which is smooth.
  • Low price, fast product period and clear image.

Clear acrylic products

  • The special essay is published directly on the high-transparent PET film through a professional UV printing process and also pasted on the acrylic distance.
  • The edges or corridor that aren’t published are clear or transparent. Thus, it’s called clear or transparent tempera.
  • The face is delicate and smooth.
  • The color is high- description and bright.
  • The makeup generally doesn’t fall off.
  • The material is fairly thick, with high brilliance, and veritably good texture.

You can buy charms, keychains, standees, colophons and further from Vograce. All can be custom- made including images, sizes, colors, shapes, accessories and package. Vograce has a plant with professional accoutrements and about 200 workers. High quality and fast delivery are assured.

What are the special features of Vograce Acrylic Charms or Keychains?

Library paste process Library paste tempera charms or keychains have strong face texture and three-dimensional effect. The library paste will cover the face from bruise. Library paste has good water resistance. Library paste tempera charms or keychains are more upmarket, more precious than those without library paste. The none- library paste product has fast delivery period and lower price. The library paste is typically0.2 mm thick.

Hot stamping process Vograce tempera charms or can be stamped with golden or gray edge which makes the products more enough and candescent. The golden and gray stamping should stay down from acid, alkali, alcohol, etc in case of corrosion.

Holographic Vograce tempera products can also be made with holographic film. You can choose broken glass or star holographic effect.

Glitter If you like, you can also choose shimmer tempera that goes with single- side library paste.

Rainbow tempera charms used another kind of rainbow film that goes with single- side library paste. Rainbow tempera charms show different colors when we see them from different angles.

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